The mission of the Hatchet Pride Project committee is to increase safety among users and spectators, increase community options and use of the facilities, increase student participation in physical activity, and to utilize the existing area more efficiently. We strongly value the impact physical activity and athletic participation has on complementing academic achievement & healthy lifestyles.

The Hatchet Pride Project began with a fundraising goal of $2,250,000.00 to install a new track, new synthetic turf field, new bleachers, a new press box, and other facility enhancements. Thanks to generous contributions from local residents, local businesses and the Bierman Family Foundation, the Hatchet Pride Project sucessfully met it's fundraising goal.

In an effort to establish a realistic fundraising goal from the start, the Hatchet Pride Project left off ceratin facility improvements that were not essential to project completion. However, in order to maximize every privately contributed dollar, the district has elected to fund certain aspects of the project now that would otherwise cost the district more by waiting to complete them in the future.

The resulting facility enhancements will create a new safer, upated facility that can be enjoyed by all students and community members at a bare minimum of expense to the community. The Hatchet Pride Project is continuing to fundraise for the project and hopes to add additional donors to our donor wall project by mid-summer.


Field Nearing Completion. Aerial Photo Courtesy of Bill Mark